threading needles, threading words

01 October 2009

Couture? Perhaps not, but I have a label.

Sure, if you want to get technical, I don't have a shop in Paris. Or, the title couturier. But, I plan to approach this new venture in the same way folks did when they went out West in the 1800s: dewy-eyed, nervous yet excited, expecting the best, preparing for the worst. They headed West for a fresh start. They set out to do what they wanted to do. To be what they wanted to be.

I'm designing. I'm having fun. I'm blazing a new trail, one hand-set Swarovski crystal at a time. I have a label.


13flowers said...

Ya know, I think coture these days describes the quality of work. Your handbags are amazing! I cannot believe how wonderful of a seamstress you are. Keep on threadin'!

Debi said...

13flowers, thank you! And, I love that last sentence, "keep on threadin'"....


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