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29 January 2010


Did it all start here, astraddle a stuffed horse at Buffalo Ranch in Afton, Oklahoma: my love of the West, my addiction to cowboy hats, turquoise jewelry, retro cowgirl couture, Pendleton wool, boots?

Did this introduction to a cowgirl's choice of transportation lead to my stint as rodeo queen? Did growing up on a ranch, which I often took for granted, pave the way for my first-ever published fiction in Louis L'Amour's Western Magazine? Or, to my becoming a member of Western Writers of America? Or, to my practice of sticking a little something western in each of my mystery novels?

I'd have to say yes. Yes to all of it.
Photo: August 1956 (with Mom behind me, as much now as she was then).


Laurel said...

I love the photo of you on the horse. Betty Wheatley (who used to have the drive-in at Buffalo Ranch) and I are trying to collect old photos of tourists at Buffalo Ranch for a history of Afton and Buffalo Ranch, so I'm asking if you'd mind if I capture the photo from your blog when it comes time to compile our information. It's a great photo!

I own Afton Station, 2 miles from Buffalo Ranch, an old gas station which we turned into a Route 66/Vintage Car museum. If you're ever in the area, come for a visit.
Laurel Kane

Debi said...

Laurel, thanks so much for your comments! I grew up on a ranch in Grove, and have fond memories of visiting Buffalo Ranch--and that drive-in!
I'd love to have the photo included, and will get a high-res copy to you if you'd like. With family still living in the region, I get down that way from time to time. I'll be in touch.
Thanks again,

Laurel said...

Debi -- I'd very much like a high-res copy, but there's no hurry at all. Who knows when we'll get the whole thing together.

I do hope you'll come for a visit some time. I'm not a native of OK, in fact have only lived here for 10 years, when we moved all the cars and Route 66 memorabilia down from Connecticut.

I have a day-to-day blog which is about the owning and running of my Afton museum. You might be interested in it. Unfortunately, I'm closed for most of Dec. and Jan., so the more recent posts on the blog are about other things.



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