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02 September 2010

Blazing Trails...

That's my new ride. New to me, anyway. A Trailblazer, which--ironically--echoes my intent a year ago this month when my first-ever blog post was titled "Blazing Trails." It's been a year since I set out on this trail--both blog and designer--and to say that I've been blazing trails is an exaggeration. Due to many, many detours, I've been more like a snail on the freeway than a cowgirl with sights set on the western horizon. Yesterday's post declared near-triumph over my injury, and a partial release to get back to work. Two hours later, the water pump in my little work building gave up the ghost. Two hours! Granted, this kind of stuff happens all the time around here. But, that water pump is only six months old. Mr.E. (aka husband) is checking warranty....
Perhaps the Trailblazer will help create some good vibes for my endeavor. I pick her up today after physical therapy.

Never give up the trail.

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