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01 September 2010

It's Been a Long Summer...

I'm one of those people who anticipates the turning of the seasons. Always have been (and I don't always like that about myself). But--and in part as an explanation for my absence--it's been a rough summer. A back injury trumped just about everything. Finally, though, that light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train! After back specialist + injections + physical therapy + completely re-working my workstations, I've been given permission to try sewing again. And, to sit at the computer for longer stints. Still in PT for a few more weeks, which should help, sooooo... (or, in this case, sewwww....)

It's time to dust off the business plan, continue developing handbag patterns + constructing prototypes, and produce some beauties from prototypes that have proven successful!

Happy September!

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