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14 February 2011

iPad Valentine's...

I've never held an iPad, but my four-year-old granddaughter received one for Christmas. (Is that a generational thing? I mean, four-year-old iPad owner?! Every time I mention it to a friend, I get, "My grandkids have 'em, too.")

Anyway. She's in Missouri, I'm in Michigan. She needed a sleeve for her new techno toy, and I fretted over getting the fit right--until it finally occurred to me to use a book. (As a writer, that should have dawned on me much sooner than it did. Just sayin'.) Rulers in hand, Mr. E. and I headed to our bookshelves. (He's sweet that way, which is one of many reasons he's my Valentine.)

I've made a Kindle3 envelope sleeve for a custom order, using western fabrics and my own saddlebag flap design. I'll be making more of those for my etsy shop. This iPad sleeve is a non-western version of that design.

Although I've heard a few complaints about the cost of sleeves for gadgets, I totally get it now. Designer quilt cottons, padding (two kinds for iPad), labor....  And, yeah, I put a bit more time in this one, because it was for my tie-dye lovin' gal who goes crazy over funky stitches and likes printing her name in all caps, except for the "i." Credit goes to my daughter--Lydia's mother--for suggesting the heart over the "i." Perfect for Valentine's Day, and for LYDiA.

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