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17 February 2011


My two favorite, favorite flannel shirts are pictured here. What's left of them, anyway. Both have become so threadbare that I've regretfully realized they must be retired.

This turquoise one started out as Mr. E.'s, and quickly became his go-to shirt for winter outings. Woolrich. 100% cotton. Made in the USA. Possibly the best piece of brushed flannel fabric I've ever encountered. I can't tell you how many years Mr. E. wore it before handing it down to me on one of those raw cold days at winter's start. It's practically been my uniform these past months, my work smock (over two other layers). Michigan winters can be brutal, and being wrapped up in a cozy flannel shirt has been my saving grace more than once. 

Truth be told, this khaki/navy/white plaid flannel one went into semi-retirement at the beginning of the season. I'm not sure whether you can tell from the photo, but the placket edge is completely worn through. The entire shirt is that way. Thin. Frayed. Threadbare. It was a gift from my daughter almost ten years ago, and it has served me very well.

Flannel. Not stylish, perhaps, but necessary, both for my physical and mental health. Is it because they're flannel that they've kept me so snug, or is it because they were wrapped around me by loved ones? Yes.

Stay warm these last few weeks of winter....

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