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25 August 2011

Thursday's Thread: An Unlikely Thread

On Friday, I hopped over to Jennifer's Quilt Shop (an adorable and tempting place for a fabriholic such as myself) in Pinckney, MI, to pick up thread for one of my latest fabric acquisitions. At checkout, I noticed a fabulous card featuring the quilt shop, made by a very talented paper artist. I was told it was crafted by the owner of Polly's Paper Studio, the small town's scrapbook store. Scrapbook store? Clearly, I've been spending too much time holed up in my sewing cottage.

On my way out of town, I made a quick stop, which turned into roughly two hours. Owner Ginny--and the rest of "Polly's Peeps" who ducked in and out--were knowledgeable, welcoming, and most of all, friendly. Ginny mentioned her Etsy shop and, since meeting other Etsy shop owners doesn't happen to me, I struck up a conversation. (So. There's my excuse for the two hours plus....)

I left with:
1. goodies for my paper stash (yeah, I love to scrap, too, and Ginny has inspired me to get back with it)
2. gifts (a Halloween kit I purchased for granddaughter who also loves paper art can be found in Ginny's Etsy shop)
3. best of all, a few more friends

Thanks, ladies.

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