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10 September 2011

Fortunately, Somebody Figured It Out...

The sewing machine, that is. On this date in 1846, the sewing machine was patented. (I've been sewing all day, and almost forgot to post a note about it.) There is controversy over who actually invented the sewing machine, and if you're inclined to read about it, you'll find a great little article at Wired.

My go-to machine is a Husqvarna Viking, and I bought it in 2006 with winnings from a bet with Mr. E. while we were road-tripping to Cody, Wyoming, for the Western Writers of America convention. I had made a handbag to donate to the Homestead Auction, and had faced many challenges getting that Pendleton Wool bag sewn with my ancient, no frills machine. (Sometime, I'll tell you about that bet....)

Here's a photo, taken shortly after we arrived at the convention hotel. I was about to take the bag down to the gathering place when I realized that I didn't recall photographing it. Mr. E. quickly snapped this pic of one road-weary cowgirl with the blinged-out bag. The retro rodeo print band on the front is sporting more than six dozen Swarovski crystals, each handset by me. I love me some bling!

This week, I have a great little sewing machine to show you. Stay tuned....

Enjoy the rest of your 9-10-11.

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