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17 July 2012

Red Hot

They say we're breaking temp records today, and I don't doubt it. Even with the central AC unit fighting for all its worth, my upstairs studio is red hot. In keeping, here's a look at some of the red hot fabrics I recently bought out West:

The one on the left has been seen in two other colorways in my shop, made into Card Corrals.
Those will be back soon.

This is just about the most gorgeous faux leather I've ever seen!
(Here's hoping my sewing machine can handle it.)

Paisley...I'm always drawn to it. I'm anxious to see what other fabrics in my stash go with that small red print.
Candy Moulton (dear friend and the new executive director for Western Writers of America) once told me that she loves bear fetishes. Ever since, they make me think of Candy.
I'm thinking of pairing this wonderful print with the brown tooled-leather cotton....

A fabulous Navajo print in four different colorways!


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