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02 January 2013

Wednesday's West: The Resting Place

June 2008: Road trip from Michigan to Scottsdale, AZ, for the Western Writers of America Convention. We meandered, both before and after the con, soaking up Southwestern atmosphere. Fascinated by Fred Harvey and his work, I checked out a couple of his hotels during the trip.

Here's La Posada ("The Resting Place") in Winslow, Arizona. When I hear "Winslow," my mind starts playing the song, "Take it Easy."

I love that the architect for La Posada--as well as several other landmark hotels and lodges--was a woman: Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter.

Let's call this a teaser post, rather than a lazy one. When I can get a better connection (in-the-sticks challenged), I'll post more photos and link up to some history.

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