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22 November 2013

Fussy Cut Friday (or, Some Things Never Change)

I'm still fussy cutting fabrics in order to match patterns. Loving it, though, especially with my latest pattern: The Craft Corral. If you don't need a tote for knitting, crocheting, or embroidery projects, it's quite handy as a Car Caddy, too. And--are you ready for this?--it has 15 pockets! This will likely be the first pattern I create in .pdf format to sell for other seamstresses to make.

Yes, I said "seamstresses." Cannot get used to seeing "sewers" used in reference to women who sew. I mean, where I come from, sewers are something entirely different....

Blogging is not my forte (just in case you haven't noticed). I won't go into the reasons why, but one of them is the sheer time it takes to upload photos. When I add a listing to my etsy shop, it can upwards of 45 minutes to load 5 photos. A few months ago, I decided to make some changes, and try to find an easier way to upload photos. I gave in and purchased a smart phone, with hopes that it would improve my Internet life out here in the country. Not only did it not, it won't even receive calls while I'm in the house.

I'll add more photos to this post in the morning. (It's A.M., and during two cups of coffee, I uploaded additional pics.) Adding three took several minutes, and this ol' cowgirl is gonna turn in.

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