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15 January 2014

Wednesday's West: A Touch of Tombstone

This year, I'll post more bits and photos from life in the West. Mind, I don't live in the West physically, but I (1) grew up on an Oklahoma ranch, (2) journey out West when I can, and (3) have snippets of western decor from around the house to share.

Reenactment (June 2008) of the Gunfight at the OK Corral.

After Mr. E and I attended the reenactment, we joined friends on their acreage outside Tombstone for a wonderful visit, an evening cookout, and an amazing star show after dark. (Our friends hadn't yet built on the property, so they flew into Phoenix and rented an RV in order to enjoy their piece of heaven on earth for a few days.) Next morning, we took in the town. As I recall, Mr. E and I spent another night at a B&B in town, then drove up to Scottsdale to attend the Western Writers of America convention.

This photo is a view from that acreage:

Mr. E and I in front of the Wyatt Earp House and Gallery (I'd love some of that heat and sun right now. This Michigan winter has been a mean one....)
Two personal history notes:
1)  Mr. E had been to Tombstone before, doing research for his novel Bloody Season, which was published in 1988.
2) See those Tony Lama boots I'm wearing? They were my dad's when I was a girl. He passed them along to me before he died, and I'm so very thankful they fit.

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