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04 February 2014

Think Spring

It took hours this weekend to figure out how to make a clipping mask template in my ancient Photoshop Elements program for grouping photos. I think I finally have it. It was snowing again and I needed something bright to remind me that spring will be here. Eventually.

What's what:

  • Top photo is a fun tote I made for my granddaughter out of a dress she'd outgrown. Such a fun madras plaid. See the cute pockets on the sides? Even though the dress was a child's size, it was gathered--too wide for a bag, unless I wanted to remove and re-stitch those pockets. Perfect time to incorporate Mexican pleating, a technique I discovered years ago. I seriously want to use it on more items!
  • Middle left is interior of the tote, with a pocket and four pencil slips. So exciting to take a scrap of fabric to the store and find the perfect coordinate. If you're a seamstress, you know the feeling. Since it's a busy little print, I added a slice of lime to the pocket top so Miss Lydi could find it more easily.
  • Middle right is a flower I made from organza and glitter netting using the singe technique. Have you tried those? Amazing fun. (BTW, netting doesn't singe. Trust me on this.) Love, love that vintage button I was auditioning in the center, but ended up using Swarovski crystals instead, because I wanted to see how they'd work on sheers. Gave the flower to my daughter, who loves green. Her neck of the woods is experiencing yet another blizzard today, so I'm thinkin' she--along with much of the country--needs this booster shot stat.
  • Bottom left--another for granddaughter, who shares my love for ballcaps and bling. I made this a couple of years ago by combining two clipart images to create an iron-on sheet with Swarovski crystals. As I say in my Thread West shop: They wink at the cowboys so much better than imitations. ;-) Miss Lydi still wears the cap and totes the tote. I never thought about the colors in the bag and the bling matching till I put this photo collage together. Will ask the girl if she's worn them at the same time....
  • Bottom right. In keeping with Spring and butterflies, a Mother's Day card I made for my daughter a few years ago. It got lost in the mail between MI and MO, finally arrived a month later. I'd like to know where those butterflies flitted to in between....
Stay safe and warm....

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