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21 January 2017


Life is a map of crossroads, and my map over the past couple of years looks like graph paper.

We'll catch up in spurts as I resurface. Here's a list of what's on my blog horizon, followed by what Junction is (in my book):

➱ When Thread West items will be for sale again
     (and whether they'll be on etsy, or somewhere else).
Studio makeover!
My best friend, her departure from this world, and the handbags she left behind....
Transparent Tuesday. Or, Technique Tuesday. Decisions, decisions....
➱ Permission to quilt
Singer Featherweight in the house!

Once upon a time, I mentioned that I'd share news of my writing, trips out west, and glimpses of life beyond my handbag designs. It's about time I started.

My short story collection, titled Junction, includes both western and mystery stories. Two never-before-published stories are included, and I'm honored that the western, "Tinsel Town," was a finalist for the Western Writers of America Spur Award in Short Fiction. I was presented with the award during the WWA annual convention, held last June in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The collection is available in print edition, as well as several e-book formats. Publisher: Crossroad Press.

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